I bought some stuff for ya. At least stop by and say “hey” and let us know how things are going. :-/

Here’s volume 2.  I still have volume 3 so I’ll need to buy the last 2 soon.

NuiguruMix v02: MF

Here’s the last chapters of Love Club Volume 5…
I’m still trying to track down the covers, then I’ll release the full volume 5 archive…

Love Club ch31: MF
Love Club ch32: MF

And here are the previous chapters, all in a nice full volume archive. I went back and transfered all the magazine chapters onto tank scans for the first two volumes, and I changed some things, so it might be worth a re-read.
Love Club V01: MF
Love Club V02: MF
Love Club V03: MF
Love Club V04: MF

Here you go people.

Love Club ch30: MF

Suddenly… Cu-Cu-Cute chapters 8 and 9!!

Cu-Cu-Cute ch08: MF
Cu-Cu-Cute ch09: MF

Okay, so it’s not that sudden… but enjoy them anyway!

Here is the next two chapters… Enjoy.

LoveClub ch29: MF
Cu-Cu-Cute ch07: MF

Here is Love club ch28 and Cu-Cu-Cute ch06. Enjoy the double release.
Also, don’t upload MBT releases on manga reader sites. Thanks.


Cu-Cu-Cute ch06: MF
Love Club ch28: MF

Here is chapter 5 of Cu-Cu-Cute. Next up is more of the same. I just had to translate more after this chapter. More is just waiting on some QC work.
I’ll upload a full zip of Volume 1 after going back over some of the older chapters.

Cu-Cu-Cute ch05: MF

Finally started on Volume 5 of Love Club. I had been working on redoing all the earlier chapters onto tank scans, but it was taking too long so I wanted to get this chapter out…
Sorry I’ve been away for so long!

Love Club ch27: MF

If you come to the IRC channel, remember there is such a thing as TIME ZONES…
[5:10am] you guys still alive?
[5:26am] Mouryou (~Mouryou@the.bottom.of.everything) has parted.
Also, even if it weren’t five o’clock in the morning, you should still give people time to respond…

My credit card expired and the replacement card never showed…  Ordered a new one, but the domain expired on me before I could renew it…  My bad!

Hako will be bringing you something soon(ish)…


Anyone have interest in NuiguruMix?

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