Here is Love Club chapter 33. Got tired of scanning for a while.

I bought a few more manga on amazon because I liked the covers and they had no scans, but they all turned out to be 4 koma manga, which I don’t particularly care for. Once I get done scanning the stuff I acutally want to do, I will scan these and decide if I will work on them. If not, I’ll post what they are in case someone else wants to do them. Or try to wrangle a new translator in who wants to…

Love Club: ch33

Anyone experienced with doing QC that is interested in doing Nagasarete, hit me up in IRC or leave a message here.  The people who normally QC for me haven’t read NA, and for some reason they balked when I suggested they just read the 145 chapters real quick to catch up.  Lazy bums…

I have a whole bunch of books to scan, so I am going to be in scanning mode for a while. If I put it off, I won’t ever feel like doing it… I’ll probably be working on translations a bit too, but the focus is on scanning right now.

I made a page that I’ll try to update with my progress as it goes along, so check it out if you’re curious: MBT Status Page

Also, there were a couple of little errors in Gabriel Dropout volume 1, and I’ll post the fixed pages soon(ish)…


Sorry, I was napping…

I have a couple of things to post today.  One is a couple of chapters of Nagasarete Airantou.  Vortex stalled out on it.  I went to offer to help them/take it over, and they haven’t responded for about a month now, so I am just releasing these two.  I will probably finish out the Beniyasha arc, but I think I will buy and scan rather than using the raws I found online.  As it is, I have 5 other books to scan/translate/edit, so it might take a bit to get there.  The second is a new series which I found through an recommendation, hope you enjoy it.  I will have to get volume 2 at some point, but there’s much in the pipeline first.

Pipeline: Hiiragi books 6 & 7.  NuigurimiX 3, 4, & 5.  Cu-Cu-Cute whatever’s left.  Ane-Comi vol 2 (and probably vol 1, tbh)

Nagasarete ch144: MF
Nagasarete ch145: MF
Gabriel Dropout v01: MF

I bought some stuff for ya. At least stop by and say “hey” and let us know how things are going. :-/

Here’s volume 2.  I still have volume 3 so I’ll need to buy the last 2 soon.

NuiguruMix v02: MF

Here’s the last chapters of Love Club Volume 5…
I’m still trying to track down the covers, then I’ll release the full volume 5 archive…

Love Club ch31: MF
Love Club ch32: MF

And here are the previous chapters, all in a nice full volume archive. I went back and transfered all the magazine chapters onto tank scans for the first two volumes, and I changed some things, so it might be worth a re-read.
Love Club V01: MF
Love Club V02: MF
Love Club V03: MF
Love Club V04: MF

Here you go people.

Love Club ch30: MF

Suddenly… Cu-Cu-Cute chapters 8 and 9!!

Cu-Cu-Cute ch08: MF
Cu-Cu-Cute ch09: MF

Okay, so it’s not that sudden… but enjoy them anyway!

Here is the next two chapters… Enjoy.

LoveClub ch29: MF
Cu-Cu-Cute ch07: MF