I bought some stuff for ya. At least stop by and say “hey” and let us know how things are going. :-/


Surprise! We decided to finish this one after all. Here are both volumes edited onto tank raws with updated translation and better fonts.


Vol. 1:


Vol. 2:


Up next? I’m not sure. We still need better scans of Vol.5 of Love Club, but in a month or so we should get them anyways if no one else gets us some better ones before then.


And chapter 25…
Mediafire | FlameUpload
Plz better scans of Vol.5, the only ones we have are very badly cropped :(
Also if anyone wants to volunteer for re-editing the first two volumes onto tank scans please let us know.

Warning: this one might offend you!
Mediafire | FlameUpload
Still looking for better scans of Vol.5 plz!

Here’s chapter 23! Check back real soon for more!
Mediafire | FlameUpload
We’re still looking for better scans of Vol.5


Download: Mediafire | FlameUpload


Check back real soon for more.


Since a lot of the older links are dead here is Ch.01-21 in case you need it: Mediafire


We do eventually plan on re-editing Vol.1 and Vol.2 onto tank scans, but we want to finish with Vol.4 and hopefully Vol.5 first. If you would like to volunteer for this please get on IRC and /msg lawlzy and/or hako. Thanks!


Someone was nice enough to link us to scans of Vol.5, but they are horribly cropped. If someone could supply us with better scans it would be much appreciated.


Sorry this took so long… but long story short some group offered to edit this for us and never got around to it. So we finally got it edited ourselves.


Ani-Com Ch.09: MF


Ani-Com Ch.10: MF


Also the next chapter of Love Club is done, just waiting for translation checking and QC. (We’d still like an editor)


Or any other of our other incomplete projects….

Our only active translator and editor left has been very ill lately with something chronic. He wants to focus exclusively on translating now, so it would help us get stuff done if we had a good editor who could clean and typeset for him so we can catch up on projects like Love Club and Cherry x Cherry.


Please leave a comment on the blog with your proper email or get on the IRC channel and /msg me (lawlzy). Thank you.


Kuropon is sick, so I will go ahead and just release this for him. Hope we get to see more soon! :)