Sorry, I was napping…

I have a couple of things to post today.  One is a couple of chapters of Nagasarete Airantou.  Vortex stalled out on it.  I went to offer to help them/take it over, and they haven’t responded for about a month now, so I am just releasing these two.  I will probably finish out the Beniyasha arc, but I think I will buy and scan rather than using the raws I found online.  As it is, I have 5 other books to scan/translate/edit, so it might take a bit to get there.  The second is a new series which I found through an recommendation, hope you enjoy it.  I will have to get volume 2 at some point, but there’s much in the pipeline first.

Pipeline: Hiiragi books 6 & 7.  NuigurimiX 3, 4, & 5.  Cu-Cu-Cute whatever’s left.  Ane-Comi vol 2 (and probably vol 1, tbh)

Nagasarete ch144: MF
Nagasarete ch145: MF
Gabriel Dropout v01: MF

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