Here is Love club ch28 and Cu-Cu-Cute ch06. Enjoy the double release.
Also, don’t upload MBT releases on manga reader sites. Thanks.


Cu-Cu-Cute ch06: MF
Love Club ch28: MF

Here is chapter 5 of Cu-Cu-Cute. Next up is more of the same. I just had to translate more after this chapter. More is just waiting on some QC work.
I’ll upload a full zip of Volume 1 after going back over some of the older chapters.

Cu-Cu-Cute ch05: MF

Finally started on Volume 5 of Love Club. I had been working on redoing all the earlier chapters onto tank scans, but it was taking too long so I wanted to get this chapter out…
Sorry I’ve been away for so long!

Love Club ch27: MF

If you come to the IRC channel, remember there is such a thing as TIME ZONES…
[5:10am] you guys still alive?
[5:26am] rip
[5:26am] Mouryou (~Mouryou@the.bottom.of.everything) has parted.
Also, even if it weren’t five o’clock in the morning, you should still give people time to respond…

My credit card expired and the replacement card never showed…  Ordered a new one, but the domain expired on me before I could renew it…  My bad!

Hako will be bringing you something soon(ish)…

There’s been a lot going on, and I haven’t had much free time to work on MBT releases lately…
Things that are in process:
Redoing the magazine chapters of Love Club onto the tank raws. Volume 1 is done, working on volume 2
Love Club: Chapter 27 – 30%
Nuigurumix: Chapters 7-10 – 100%; Chapter 11 – 10%
Cu-Cu-Cute: Chapter 5 – 50%

Just letting you all know we aren’t completely dead… Sorry for the wait.

Does anyone have a hard copy of Cu-Cu-Cute volume 2? The guy who was doing the scanning of the manga I bought disappeared on me, and he seems to have messed up scanning volume 2 a bit. There are multiple scans of some pages, and I don’t know if there are pages missing. Since there is no other source for it, I can’t rearrange the pages in order. Leave a comment or come chat with me on the IRC channel if you do!

Chapter 4 of Cu-Cu-Cute is here. Enjoy!
If there’s anyone who considers themselves adept at stitching together 2 page spreads, please come help me with the one from Love club volume 5…
I can’t bring myself to get motivated to complete it, and there’s only a bit left… I’ve been avoiding Love Club volume 5 because of it… heh…

Cu-Cu-Cute ch04: MF

Here is chapter 26 of Love Club, closing out volume 4. Also uploaded is chapter 3 of Cu-Cu-Cute.
Will be working on some Nuigurumix next…

Still no word on more Kill Ani yet…  If anyone comes across some, let me know…

Love Club 26: MF
Cu-Cu-Cute 3: MF

The second chapter of Cu-Cu-Cute, hope you enjoy it…
Been working on the next chapter of Love Club as well…

ch02: MF

Oh, right…  Merry Christmas!

This is something I bought when I was purchasing the NuigurumiX volumes, enjoy:

ch01: MF